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band in the trunk

Band in the trunk is a technology for music that adapts to driving. It generates music on the go as you drive your car and matches the intensity of the music to the intensity of your ride in real time.


Band in the trunk is for driving events, show cars, and automotive product presentations. We offer out-of-the box technology as well as highly customized solutions for highlighting presentations with music.


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midiHook is a MIDI controller driven by Android wearable and mobile sensors. midiHook comes with a VST plugin to controll a DAW.


midiHook is for motion controlled live performances, interactive dance, DJ and VJ-ing. oscHook is a simpler variant sending OSC, an universal DIY tool for artistic developments.


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::pp-labs:: is our project for Max4Live devices with a vision.


We develop tools for producing and performing with Ableton Live. We reduce complexity of music production where creativity matters. Without losing the degree of freedom Ableton Live gives.


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